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The present general terms of sale apply in a exclusive way between the company Reignoux SA 14 RD 951 36800 Rivarennes France (below "we") and every person visiting or buying one or several items via the web site www.reignoux-creations.fr (below "you").

Every Internet user can acquaint with General terms of sale on the web site www.reignoux-creations.fr (below the "web site"). These General terms of sale which can be the object of modifications, the applicable conditions are the ones current on the Web Site in the date of signing of your order.

Section 1 : Contract

1.1 Conditions to place an order

You declare to be old of at least 18 years and have the legal capacity or be a holder of a parental consent allowing you to make an order on the Web Site.

Any order made on the Web Site has to correspond to the normal needs for a home.

1.2 Order

During the first Internet order, every new customer has to create a "customer account".  An identifier (e-mail address) and a password are asked. During every validation of order, you will be redirected towards your account, via a secured connection reminding the contents of your order. This one will be definitively recorded only after having performed the various information and the final validation. When you book your order by selecting a method of payment, the sale is considered concluded (agreement on the goods and the price).

Having placed your order, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming you this one. Then in the course of the processing of your order, you will be informed and this until its sending.

We make a commitment to protect the data which are personal of you, these datas are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

You can exercise your right of access and of rectifications to the information which concern you by sending to the Company : REIGNOUX CREATIONS RD 951 36800 RIVARENNES France (art 40 – Loi 78/17 du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée).

Section 2 : Price, availability and delivery

Description of the product :

The essential characteristics of the product are indicated in the product sheet including a photography of the product, and indicating its peculiarities.

In case of not substantial differences between the photos of display of articles on our Web Site, texts and illustrations and ordered articles, our responsibility will not be committed.

The prices posted on the Web Site are indicated in euros any French included taxes (French VAT and other applicable taxes).

We are entitled at any time to update, to improve or to remove from the sale these products.

Prices may vary, in particular in case of sharp rise in materials or in change of the rate of VAT. Howerver, the prices appearing on your order after its validation and its recoding are firm and definitive.

We can accept your orders while stocks last. If, in spite of our vigilance, articles are unavailable, we shall inform you be e-mail as soon as possible and will indicate you the availability.


In case of permanent unavailability, your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be informed about it.

In case of estimate, the offer will remain valid one MONTH, unless otherwise stipulated concerned this one.

In spite of all our effors, it is possible that an article of our site contains a price error. Be however insured that we proceed to the check of the prices during the procedure of sending your article.

If the corrected price is lower than the price posted on the Web Site, we shall apply you the lowest price and shall send you your article. If the corrected price is upper to the price posted on the Web Site, we shall inform you about it and shall proceed to the cancellation of your order, unless you choose to accept the order at the new price.


We reserve the right to cancel or to refuse any order of a customer with whom there would be a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

Section 3 : Cancellation of orders

Any order placed on our Web Site is automatically cancelled for lack of reception of the payment in eight in the daytime (for payments by check).

You will have a seven-day withdrawal period planned by articles L121-20 and following ones of the code of the consumption and within the framework of distance selling. If you wish to use this right to withdraw, we thank you for inquiring by using the page contact of our Web Site, by mentioning the name of the invoice and the number of the order.

As long as your order is not being prepared logistic, you can cancel it. When the order is prepared, the cancellation can be made only refusal from you of the parcel sent by us, WHITOUT OPENING IT. Expenses inherent to this return will be at your expense and deducted from the repayment of your purchases.

However, the right to withdraw cannot be exercised for items made according to the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized


Section 4 : Export

Postage : for any order over 50 kg, thank you for contacting us. We shall communicate with you the amount of postage charges, except off customs duty and other taxes, which are under your responsibility) and except off possible surcharge in touch with the volume of the parcel.

Section 5 : Customs duties

Any order placed on the Web Site and delivered outside France can be submitted to possible taxes and to customs duties which are imposed when the parcel reaches its destination.

These possible customs duties and these taxes to the delivery of an item are under your responsibility and are of your responsibility. We do not have to verify and to inform you about customs duties and applicable taxes. To know them, we recommend you to inquire with the competent authorities of your country.

Section 6 : Payment

You can make the payment by credit card.

Credit cards from banks taken up residence outside France necessarily have to be international bank cards

In case of payment by check, your order will be handled only when we receive it.

Section 7 : Returns

In case of delivery of an article the packaging of which is damaged, it is necessary to express reservations on the delivery note of the carrier

BE CAREFUL : the mention "subject to unpacking" having no value, it is advisable to indicate the state of the parcel and most details possible

If the item is damaged during the transport or not in compliance with your order, we thank you for informing us about it upon receipt of your parcel.

If we agree to replace a damaged item or non-in compliance with your order, you will have to return us this item in 8 days according to the date to which we confirmed you proceeding to its replacement, and it under our responsibility, with the following informations : name, adress, description of the item, number of the invoice.

The goods must have returned to the following address : REIGNOUX CREATIONS – 14 RD 951 – 36800 RIVARENNES - FRANCE.

Upon receipt of the product to be replaced and after check by our services, a new product will be sent to you.

Section 8 : Retention of title

The delivered goods will remain our property until their complete payment.

Section 9 : Guarantees and responsibility

We assume no responsability if the delivered item would not respect the legislation of the country of delivery other than France

We make a commitment to bring all the used care in the profession for the service for the customer.

Nevertheless, our responsibility cannot be retained in case of negligence to our contractual obligations because of a coincidence or of a case of absolute necessity such as defined by the jurisprudence returned by the French jurisdictions.

Our responsibility will not be committed in case of delay due to a stock shortage.

We implement all the ways which we have to insure the services of the present General terms of sale.

We are responsible for any direct and predictable damage at the time of the use of the Web Site or of the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and you

Under no circumstances, we shall be liable towards the professionals for losses of earnings, commercial losses, losses of data or loss of income or any other indirect damage or which was not predictable at the time of the use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and you

 The limitation of above-mentioned responsibility is not applicable in case of robbery, or gross negligence from us, in case of physical injury or liability for defective products, in case of eviction and in case of non-compliance (including because of latent defects).

Section 10 : Licence of access to the Web Site

We grant you a license limited to the access and to the use of the Web Site for your personal use.

Under no circumstances you are authorized to download or to modify all or part of this Web Site without our written and express authorization. This license allows you under no circumstances to use, for the sale or for any other commercial use this Site or its contents (listed products, descriptions, price, download or copy of the informations for another trader, use of data, software, audio extracts, graphics, pictures, texts, photos, tools.

This Web Site or any part of this Web Site must be reproduced, copied, sold on no account or exploited for commercial reasons without our express and written authorization

Any unauthorized use will end the license which We granted You.

Section 11 : Cancellation clause

In case of non compliance with one of the obligations of the buyer, the sale can be cancelled by rights and the goods restored to the seller at expenses and risks of the buyer.

Section 12 : Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The present general terms of sale are submitted to the French law and to the Vienna Convention

Les présentes conditions générales de vente sont soumises au droit français et à la Convention de Vienne on contracts of international sale of goods.

In case of dispute, the affair will be dismissed to the court of Châteauroux (36 - Indre - France), only competent jurisdictio